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Summer 2015 edition now available

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Please note:
  • Summer 2015 edition
  • This new edition has 84,383 games.
  • Games missing from the collected games of Go Seigen (4), Kitani Minoru (2), Hashimoto Utaro (3) and Shusai (7) have been added.
  • This edition now includes the game that gave rise to Shuwa's famous torazu sanmoku ruling.
  • Old games added go back to 1704
  • Noteworthy old players with new games here include Okunuki Chisaku, Genjo, Josaku (including the famous "ijime classic"), Tetsugen, Dochi, Shuwa abd Ota Yuzo.
  • Now includes the Names Dictionary and New In Go
  • Available for only US $15
  • Pure data - works on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • You can download GoGoD immediately
  • GoGoD is no longer available on CD!
  • New additions arrive every summer and winter