Games of Go on Disk began in the era of floppy disks, and we have since moved to a more modern format of digital download.

SmartGo Books

SmartGo publishes GoGoD’s e-books, as well as producing some of the world’s leading Go software.

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Slate & Shell

Paper books in the series “From the GoGoD archives” are published by Slate & Shell.

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British Go Association

The BGA is obviously mainly for British members but the site has some good software downloads and links to European organisations. Both of the GoGoD team have served the BGA. T Mark was a lifetime Vice-President.

GoGoD also sponsors the BGA’s Online League (right), which began in 2009. This league brings together teams from all over Britain via the internet. Full details on the BGA site.

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American Go Association

The American Go Association covers the USA, and it too has an impressive array of goodies and links.

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Sensei’s Library

A Wiki site for committed go players. It is especially good for worldwide links to organisations outside the English-speaking world. GoGoD actively supports this site.

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Third Party software for use with GoGoD data


Kombilo is a go database program. Its main purpose is to search for games in which a given pattern or position occurs.

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Drago is a Windows freeware application dedicated to the game of Go.

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