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New from 2019: Extracts from the GoGoD Encyclopaedia

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About the Games of Go on Download

  • Summer 2020 edition (released April 2020).
  • This new edition has well over 108,000 zipped sgf games - text files that work on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Special goodies in this edition include several newly discovered Shusaku games and – best of all, maybe – a new Castle Game, involving Shuwa, which was found in the collection of the late Yamazaki Masuo 8-dan. He found it in a book in the second-hand area of Kanda. Been there, done that!
  • If you prefer modern stuff, there are 55 games by child prodigy Nakamura Sumire.
  • Especially suitable for AI fans: includes latest AlphaGo & DeepZen games and many more Shin Fuseki (“old AI”) games.
  • Most games can now be found (with “permission) with AI commentary on Facebook’s Elf Go site.
  • Now includes the updated names dictionary in xml format (Windows reader included) - updated with over 4,400 entries!
  • You can download GoGoD immediately.
  • New additions arrive generally twice a year.
  • Available for only US $20 by PayPal, online only.

New from 2019: Extracts from the GoGoD Encyclopaedia

The GoGoD Encyclopaedia ceased publication following the untimely death of GoGoD partner T Mark Hall in 2012. It appears it has been much missed but we have had mostly to ignore requests to make it, or parts of it, available so as to concentrate on the sgf database. However, we have now been persuaded to offer extensive an extract of most the GoGoD Encyclopaedia HTML suite.

But that does not change our time constraints, and so these files are offered strictly on an as-is basis as a kind of legacy item. They are partly out of date and will not be updated, use old technology (pre-Unicode, for example), and have gaps where series left off. On the other hand, they contain a wealth of go information not available in English elsewhere. They include the popular New In Go, Coffee Break and Concepts columns, as well as things like tournament data, historical and other features, and so on. In all there are about 3,000 files packed into something like 25MB.

We must clearly stress again that this data has not been updated or fully corrected and is supplied ENTIRELY AS-IS, with no guarantees as to how it may (or may not) appear on your machine. You are expected to read the usual ReadMe file and to know how to access and manipulate html files. No correspondence will be entertained as the GoGoD database alone takes too much time already.


Games of Go on Download

  • Includes the April 2020 GoGoD Database
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GoGoD Encyclopaedia

  • Includes the 2019 GoGoD Encyclopedia
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Frequently Asked Questions

When I unzip the database why am I not seeing all the files?

Because of the amount of files in the GoGoD zip file some unarchiving tools struggle to unzip them all.
We have found that 7-zip is the best free program to unarchive all the files successfully. Click here to download 7-zip

GoLibrary search program from Summer 2016

From Summer 2016, after many requests, we are including our own GoLibrary search program. But please note this is complimentary and unsupported - although it has worked for many years bug free, and we still use it daily. It is also for Windows users only. See the file ReadMeFirst.txt in the download package.

What is in the download?

The download includes individual sgf files. Note that the sgf files include games on board sizes other than 19×19. You may wish to delete the folders for other sizes if the program you use cannot cope with other sizes. It also includes the updated names dictionary in xml format (Windows reader included) - over 4,000 entries! Also includes a complimentary GoLibrary database search program (Windows only).

Please note that your purchase only includes the latest database. It does not include access to any future updates. New editions can be purchased twice a year, summer and winter.

Is the New In Go archive included?

No, but as of October 2019 we are including New In Go as HTML documents in the GoGoD Encyclopedia.

Names Dictionary now updated!

You can read this in a browser, of course, but for Windows users the complimentary XML file is included to enable you to search on players' names (in several languages) and biographical data. Please note that both the xml file and program should be treated as beta versions. The xml file needs a more thorough proof-read and while it is very up-to-date as regards actual players, some of the rank data still needs updating. Refined versions of both items will be included in the Summer 2017 edition.

Why do I have to download the whole database every time, and not just get the latest games?

We constantly check the current games and do make corrections or add moves, and other data, as we aquire new sources. By downloading the entire database, you are getting the latest version of every game.

Are the sgf files encrypted?

No. They are all text files in simple ascii format. Our philosophy has always been to trust go players, and that trust has largely been rewarded.

Are go games copyright?

We operate on the widely accepted (though strictly untested) assumption, based mainly on chess practice, that individual game records cannot be copyrighted. However, commentary data added to the records is copyrightable, and a collection is also copyrightable. GoGoD asserts its rights to any copyright that may apply. If you use selected games in articles of your own, we do ask that, as a courtesy, you quote GoGoD.

Is the SmartGo version identical?

The main difference is that the files there have been compressed and so are not easily accessible as individual files. Also, SmartGo's use of the names dictionary file is specific to itself.

Can I get a CD?

From Winter 2013, we no longer will produce CDs or alternatives such as USB. The only method of obtaining the database will be via download from this site.

Are old CDs still valid?

In general yes, but we do quite extensively update and correct existing games as we acquire new sources.

Can I view my purchase history?

Yes, if you created an account. Click this link to log in Log-in here.

Problem with the website or your download?

Send us an email to or message us through twitter @GoGoDonline

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